Repairs and Cleaning:

I carry enough tools and supplies to repair most broken parts in a single visit for a reasonable price. I am also equipped to clean dust and debris from under the strings or inside the piano.

Action Regulation:

Your piano is a machine that works through a complex mechanism called the action. Every time you press a key you are moving 5 or 6 levers. Over time, they go out of adjustment. Notes may stick, stutter or not work at all. The piano becomes difficult or even injurious to play.
I grew up with such a piano and it hampered my playing. I have the training and the patience to spare my clients this trouble.


A piano’s tone grows harsh over time due to the hammers forming hard grooves where they hit the wires. I use sandpaper, needles and steam to restore the hammer surfaces. This gives the piano a warmer, rounder and fuller tone. It also gives you more control over the sound.

Exams and Appraisals:

I examine new and used pianos for clients who want to be sure they do not purchase a piano with serious problems. I also offer appraisals for situations requiring a piano’s value.